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Join us for a new webinar on the emerging modality of energy psychology. Blue Knot are excited to host Robert Schwarz PsyD, DCEP, author of Tools for Transforming Trauma, has worked with trauma for over 30 years and energy psychology since 1996. He has organized 25 conferences on energy psychology, treating trauma, Ericksonian and brief therapy. Since 2008, he has been the Executive Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

When clients become immobilized as a result of trauma or overwhelming affect can you help them mediate these impacts in the present?

Energy Psychology (EP) techniques are easy to learn and evidence-based approaches (over 125 studies).  This session will assist you to integrate this “bottom-up” mind-body approach to support the regulation of emotions and arousal and the processing of traumatic memories.   Often therapists can be anxious about the possibility of re-traumatising clients if they go beyond talking about “what happened”.  EP can support you to minimise the traumatic energy/emotions from prior traumatic events to facilitate insight, mindfulness and post traumatic growth.  This session will help you discover a new level of confidence in your ability to facilitate the journey towards healing trauma.

By participating in this training program attendees will:

  • Learn specific EP tools for clients or yourself to become calm and process dysregulation.
  • Demonstrate how to use tapping or EFT with trauma and complex trauma.
  • Describe the growing body of research behind energy psychology.
  • Discuss how to integrate EP into your practice from interpersonal neurobiology and polyvagal perspectives.
  • Utilize 3 mindsets for maintaining your confidence as a trauma-informed therapist.

Blue Knot have highlighted Energy Psychology in the Practice Guidelines for Clinical Treatment of Complex Trauma (2019) as one of the modalities gaining more evidence around the use of these techniques in supporting people with Complex Trauma.

To join us register for our Masterclass here:

Introduction to Energy Psychology for Working with Trauma and Complex Trauma

or to read more about emerging modalities see our Guidelines here:

Publications - Clinical Guidelines

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Blue Knot Helpline and Redress Support Service1300 657 380
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