Trauma Awareness: Supporting People with a Disability

Duration: One Day Training

This training program applies a trauma informed lens when supporting people with a disability.

People living with a disability often access multiple services frequently over time, may be institutionalised at different times, and may also experience and/ or witness high levels of abuse, violence and other traumas in their daily life.

This training program fosters an understanding of ‘working with’ rather than ‘doing to’ clients, collaborative relationships, client and staff safety and working from a strengths-based approach. The program explores strategies which foster safety, wellbeing, hope, choice and self-determination and minimise the risks of re-traumatisation. In so doing it provides participants with insights and tools to take back to the workplace to enhance outcomes.

By participating in this professional development training, participants will:

  • Utilise knowledge of the types, prevalence and impacts of trauma
  • Applying knowledge of trauma informed frameworks when working with persons with a disability
  • Understand the stress response and survivor coping strategies to understand the challenges people with a trauma history and who are living with a disability experience.
  • Apply the principles of trauma-informed practice to develop strategies which enhance safety, minimise re-traumatisation and support trauma recovery for people living with a disability

Who should attend?

Any professional working with people who have a disability and anyone who is interested in working in this field. It provides both the foundational trauma knowledge and a focus on person centered practice.

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“Great trainer, kept all participants engaged throughout the day and she is defiantly a subject matter expert. Very pleased with the overall content of the session and the team will now use this knowledge moving forward in their practice.”

Karryn, CEO, Rights and Advocacy Centre

“I highly recommend this training for all humans no matter their profession. To have better insight into human behaviour and why working and living with a Trauma Informed Lens would benefit our work, homes, communities and further out into our world.”

Kaylene, Disability Advocate

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