This section of the Blue Knot Professional Community website offers an array of resources to support your work. These resources are for practitioners working privately as well as personnel within organisations providing trauma-informed programs and trauma specific services.

The term trauma-specific relates to approaches to clinical treatment/therapies for working with people with complex trauma experiences while trauma-informed refers to the context in which all services are offered (i.e. the ways in which human beings needing support are treated in a non-clinical sense more broadly). `Trauma-informed’ approaches are aligned with `an organisational change process’ which embeds trauma-informed principles within all areas of an organisation.

While both approaches are needed – in that a trauma-informed context facilitates healing and so optimises trauma-specific clinical treatment – they are not the same.

Build on your understanding of trauma and apply a trauma lens to your work and the work of your organisation

Trauma-Informed Services

Trauma-Informed Services

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Trauma Specific Practice


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Recommended Reading

“Trying to implement trauma specific clinical practices without first implementing trauma-informed organisational culture is like throwing seeds on dry land”

Dr Sandra Bloom