Fact Sheets - Key concepts for working with a trauma lens

Blue Knot Foundation has developed different series of fact sheets. These summarise some key information to meet the needs of the different groups affected by complex trauma including childhood trauma and abuse. This section includes fact sheets around a range of topics of interest for practitioners, managers and other personnel working with clients impacted by complex trauma. Our Blue Knot Community website has fact sheets for survivors and their personal supporters. The Blue Knot Community website also features fact sheets in different formats including Plain English, Easy Read and Other Language Fact Sheets.

Being Trauma Informed and Working with Complex Trauma

Blue Knot has developed a set of fact sheets to support safe trauma-informed conversations and work with people with complex trauma experiences. This series includes fact sheets for workers, managers, health professionals, General Practitioners and services.

Being Trauma Informed Fact Sheets

Supporting complex trauma clients during COVID-19

This fact sheet supports health practitioners in their interactions with complex trauma clients in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. It places the challenges of COVID-19 into perspective both for the practitioner, supporting them in their role but also in raising awareness of some of the particular challenges for people with complex trauma experiences during isolation and lockdown, and how best to support them.

Support during COVID-19 Fact Sheets

Understanding Trauma

Blue Knot has developed these fact sheets to provide basic knowledge about trauma, the different types of trauma and the impacts of trauma.

Understanding Trauma Fact Sheets

Memory and Trauma

Blue Knot developed this series of fact sheets to increase understanding about memory. This includes the relationship between trauma and memory, types of memory, body memories, delayed recall of memory and the role of dissociation.

Memory and Trauma Fact Sheets

Trauma-related Experiences

Blue Knot has developed a series of fact sheets about trauma related experiences. It includes fact sheets about coping strategies, emotions and arousal -including dissociation, impacts, healing and resilience and identity and belonging.

Trauma-related Experiences Fact Sheets

There are fact sheets available in Easy Read, Plain English and Other Languages on the Blue Knot Community Site, please click the button below to view these.

Blue Knot Community Fact Sheets

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