Understanding Trauma Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide an overview of key information in regard to trauma and the different types of trauma, such as childhood trauma, complex trauma and intergenerational trauma.

Understanding Trauma

Fact sheet which provides information about trauma. It builds understanding about what trauma means, how common it is and how it can affect people. It also explores the different groups who experience trauma more frequently than others.

Understanding Trauma, Complex Trauma and Childhood Trauma

This fact sheet explains about the experience of trauma, the different types of trauma and why we need to understand about their differrences. It talks about the different ways people can experience trauma in childhood, from abuse in all its forms and neglect as well when caregivers or parents cannot attune to their child. There are also a lot of other factors to consider. It also describes complex trauma which does not only occur as a result of repeated childhood trauma but can occur as an adult experiencing repeated traumas.

What is Childhood Trauma?

Fact sheet which provides information about the different ways people can experience childhood trauma and abuse.
It talks about the needs of children. It also outlines the impacts of abuse in all its forms as well as those of neglect on attachment and development.
The fact sheet also describes what happens when parents or caregivers cannot attune to their child’s needs.

What is Complex Trauma?

Fact sheet which provides information about complex trauma and how it is different to the trauma of a single incident. It describes the different ways in which an adult can live with complex trauma impacts, either from repeated adverse childhood experiences or repeated traumas as an adult. It builds understanding as to why complex trauma can have greater impacts than the trauma of a one off incident.

Intergenerational Trauma

This fact sheet outlines issues of intergenerational trauma, transgenerational and collective trauma. It particularly looks at the transgenerational trauma of our First Nations people as well as that of other groups of people who are affected.

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Key concepts for working with a trauma lens