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‘In the simplest terms, the concept of trauma-informed care is straightforward. If professionals were to pause and consider the role trauma and lingering traumatic stress plays in the lives of the specific client population… how would they behave differently? …How can they better help their traumatized clients heal? … [B]y looking at how the entire system is organized and services are delivered through a `trauma lens’, what should be done differently? The answer can be used to guide practice, policy, procedures, and even how the physical caregiving environment is structured. ‘

(Wilson et al., 2013:1-2)
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Blue Knot Foundation understands the challenges of trauma-informed organisational development. Our consultancy service supports organisations to design and implement an achievable development process, which meets current and future needs. This can include review of culture, practice, policies, procedures, systems and programs. Trauma-informed organisational development benefits staff, clients and the organisational alike. 

Through a staged process, Blue Knot Foundation’s trauma-informed consultancy supports organisations/systems/services to design and/or modify their current culture, practices, policies and procedures.

This focuses on the core trauma informed principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment as well as attunement to diversity.

It supports you, your team and your organisation to progress through the stages from being trauma aware to becoming trauma sensitive, trauma responsive and finally to being a trauma-informed organisation. This is not an end process, but a constant reflection and growth process that continues to challenge us all to become more deeply congruent with these principles.

Building Trauma-informed Organisations

The process of implementing and embedding trauma-informed change necessitates the active engagement of all staff. The beliefs held by the organisation – its culture, structure, philosophy and narratives, impact on and go hand in hand with professional best practice.

To apply a trauma responsive lens an organization must reflect on multiple aspects of the system:

  • the physical environment,
  • assessment and interventions,
  • staff relationships and morale,
  • organizational communication,
  • response to vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue

It is a culture, not a set of services or interventions.

Trauma Awareness

Building awareness around the impacts of trauma applying this lens to the work we do

Wellbeing for Staff

Building awareness of vicarious trauma and workplace stress and identifying ways to mediate its impacts at all levels of the organisation

Safety and Connection

Building safe relationships with the people we work with and with each other. Understanding our own lens and what we bring to our interactions

Trauma Responsive Leadership

Leading with all these elements held in mind from a position of caring and daring. Focusing on our circle of influence in building stronger teams and organisations that are trauma responsive

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