Understanding trauma and what it means for you as a professional

Blue Knot Foundation has developed short videos with funding from the Federal Department of Health.

There are three videos in this series for professionals that provide information about trauma and how to work with people who may have experienced trauma, particularly complex trauma from childhood trauma including abuse.

  1. For health professionals who work with survivors
  2. For primary care practitioners who work with survivors
  3. For anyone in the workplace who work with survivors

Given the prevalence of trauma and its effects, it is important for workers to be informed about trauma and how best to support who people who may have experienced it.

Blue Knot Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to these videos, from survivors who courageously spoke to provide hope for others, to those who work with survivors supporting their recovery journeys in various capacities and our production team. The videos are supported by the extensive additional resources including fact sheets and information on this site.

Regulation Strategies: working with the body

These videos offer different strategies for you or your client to assist in regulation. Stabilising and regulating the body and mind is key to recovery and healing. Regulation resources can be both top-down – using thought-based strategies or bottom-up – using the body.


This video introduces grounding with a short exercise to demonstrate how to regulate the body. There are many different types of grounding exercises that can be used to regulate bringing self back to the present moment and connecting with the body.

Art as a meditative practice

This video uses expressive therapies, in particular art as a creative means to engage in a meditative exercise to calm the body and mind. This exercise brings you into the present moment engaging in mindfulness.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Shirley Hicks

Shirley takes us through a gentle trauma-informed yoga session suitable for participants of all levels. You may take part at your own pace and stop or pause the video at any time.

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