Trauma Responsive Leadership Series - Organisational Practice

Duration: One Day Training

A Team Having a Discussion at the Office

This training program builds on the first trauma responsive leadership training – Self as Leader, which introduced the concept of secure base leadership and focused on the foundation of understanding self in a leadership role. It also introduced the Trauma Responsive Leadership Framework. Leaders are encouraged to attend the Trauma Responsive Leadership program first and then continue to scaffold with this next training program focused on the next part of the framework – Organisational Practice.

This program builds on our role as Leader and takes a wider lens to start to explore what it means to have a trauma-informed culture, the elements we need to consider when providing trauma-sensitive environments for our clients and staff and what wellbeing means in the context of providing support to others.

We will start to unpack the domains of a trauma informed organisation and provide time for further reflection on your own workplace.

By participating in this professional development training, participants will:

  • Examine the elements of a trauma-informed culture
  • Explore how to create trauma-sensitive environments for clients and staff
  • Discuss how to support staff wellbeing and embed trauma sensitive communication
  • Develop an understanding of the domains of a trauma-informed organisation and applying it to your workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone in a leadership or management role, a policy or wellbeing role interested in and introduction to exploring the path to a trauma-informed organisation.

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