Training Programs

Our training programs are focused on building skill and capacity in staff, leaders, practitioners and organisations.

We scaffold our training providing foundational information and knowledge first so that all practitioners and staff develop a shared understanding. Each training program builds on the one before and presents different areas and additional topics that further contribute to safe practices clinically or within a trauma-informed organisation.

Would you like to be more trauma aware and understand how to apply a trauma-informed approach?

Do you know how to stay safe and well when working in the trauma field?

Are you looking to build on your skills when working clinically with complex trauma clients?

Do you want to learn more about being a trauma responsive leader?

Becoming Trauma-Informed

Health and human service systems become trauma-informed by embedding an understanding of the prevalence, dynamics and impacts of trauma and the complex paths to healing and recovery in all aspects of service delivery.

Trauma-informed services are specifically designed to avoid retraumatizing those who seek assistance as well as to support staff working in service settings to stay healthy and well. These services seek “safety first” for all and commit to “doing no harm.”

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Trauma Informed

The culture of the whole system, including all work practices and settings reflects a trauma-informed approach.

Trauma Responsive

Individuals and the organisation recognise and respond to trauma, enabling changes in behaviour and strengthening resilience and protective factors.

Trauma Sensitive

The workplace starts to apply some concepts of a trauma-informed approach by applying their increased trauma awareness and using a trauma lens.

Trauma Aware

Staff understand trauma and its impacts as well as coping strategies and how they present in daily life.

adapted from (Miesler and Myers, 2013)

Training Programs

Short introductory webinars to build trauma awareness

Building Trauma Awareness Webinar Series

The Building Trauma Awareness Webinar Series has been designed to provide information on understanding trauma and its impacts, and to offer space for professionals to self-reflect on wellbeing and remember the importance of relationship in healing. It is important to remember that the webinars are stepping stones towards our more in-depth face to face training which will give the opportunity to discuss more in-depth and draw on peer learning.

Building Trauma Awareness - Webinar

Building Trauma Awareness - Webinar

Wellbeing and Emotional Awareness when working with Complex Trauma

Wellbeing and Emotional Awareness - Webinar

Creating Safety and Connection

Creating Safety and Connection - Webinar

Building Awareness and Connection with the Body

Building Awareness and Connection with the Body- Webinar

Exploring the Importance of Compassion and Empathy

Exploring the Importance of Compassion and Empathy - Webinar

Interactive Full Day Programs
Exploring concepts more in-depth in either face-to-face or virtual classroom format

Foundational Practice

These training programs build baseline knowledge and practice in trauma awareness. They are suitable for anyone to who wants to build on their knowledge of complex trauma and trauma-informed practice.

Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness

Building Trauma Awareness

Trauma Awareness in Practice

Trauma Awareness in Practice

Trauma Sensitive Practice – Working with Complex Trauma

Trauma Sensitive Practice

Wellbeing & Workplace Health

These training programs are focused on staff wellbeing and managing vicarious trauma when working in the area of complex trauma.

Managing Wellbeing and Recognising Vicarious Trauma

Wellbeing and Vicarious Trauma

Leadership & Organisational Practice

Becoming Trauma-Informed is a whole of organisation process. These training programs provide leaders with a trauma sensitive and responsive approach to supporting and leading teams.

Trauma Responsive Leadership Series -
Self as Leader

Self as Leader

Trauma Responsive Leadership Series - Organisational Practice

Organisational Practice

Specialised Practice

These training programs build understanding about applying a trauma-informed lens when working in specialised areas of practice.

Trauma Responsive Practice – Working in Institutional Settings and Direct Personal Response

Trauma Responsive Practice (Redress)

Using a Trauma Lens when working with Domestic and Family Violence

Trauma Lens and Domestic Violence

Trauma Awareness: Supporting People with Disability

Trauma Awareness and Disability

Responding to Domestic Violence with a Trauma-Informed Lens for GP’s and Primary Care Providers

Responding to Domestic Violence with a Trauma-Informed Lens

Therapeutic Practice

These training programs provide the principles for working therapeutically with clients experiencing complex trauma.

Three Phased
Safety and

Safety and Stabilisation

Three Phased Approach
Processing and Integration

Processing and Integration


Introduction to Dissociation

Interactive Full Day Programs
Focusing on Specific Topics and Areas of Interest


Our Masterclasses are topic based and engage experienced practitioners to share their knowledge and practice wisdom. These topics build on foundational or therapeutic learnings.

Trauma Informed Diversity Awareness (Masterclass)

Trauma Informed Diversity Awareness