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A workforce that recognises trauma and works in a trauma-informed way is integral to the recovery of people who have experienced it.

A trauma-informed professional community understands the nature of trauma, its impacts and possibilities for recovery. By building a trauma-informed professional community Blue Knot not only upskills and empowers people who work with people who have experienced trauma but supports them to stay healthy and well and creates safety in our services and organisations.

Blue Knot Foundation, as the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma collects and analyses evidence from lived experience, current research and practice, to identify what works and what doesn’t work in complex trauma recovery. Our work highlights the critical differences between the nature, dynamics and therapeutic approaches to single incident trauma (PTSD) and complex trauma and how this translates into practice.

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Training Programs

Blue Knot Foundation offers a variety of training programs that build on each person’s, team’s or organisation’s knowledge of complex trauma and trauma-informed practice and how best to support services and practice in both clinical and non-clinical settings. We deliver training in trauma-informed practice, complex trauma, vicarious trauma and leadership across sectors around Australia.

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Training for Individuals

Our bi-yearly training calendar showcases our training programs scheduled around Australia. We offer a combination of in-depth face-to-face training and fast facts webinars. Browse our offerings for training dates near you.

Training for Individuals

Training For Organisations

We can deliver our training programs in your organisation and at a venue of your choice. This allows you to focus on training which best suits the strengths, challenges, and needs of your teams.

Training for Organisations
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and Practice

Professionals and teams working with complex trauma clients need space to discuss their own needs, reflect on practice and to manage the risks and impacts of vicarious trauma. Our group trauma-informed supervision, reflective practice and debriefing services cultivate a trauma sensitive environment for organisations.

Supervision and Practice
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Organisational Change

Blue Knot Foundation understands the challenges of trauma-informed organisational change. We support organisations to design and implement an achievable change process, which meets current and future needs. This can include review of culture, practice, policies, procedures, systems and programs. Trauma-informed organisational change benefits staff, clients and the organisation alike.

Organisational Change
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News and Articles

Safety and Connection

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“The body will reorganise when it feels safe” Stephen Porges When the autonomic nervous system has been shaped by trauma there is a disconnection between physical, emotional and behavioural responses.…

Special event – The Wisdom of Trauma

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"The Wisdom of Trauma" World Premiere reached 4 million people in 220 countries in June when it was first released. This ground-breaking film provides an alternative narrative and a vision…
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Secure Base Leadership

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“Strong back, soft front, wild heart” Exploring Secure Base Leadership A recent addition to our training programs is our Trauma Responsive Leadership program. This training focuses on supporting leaders, new…
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Professional Development – New Calendar for 2022

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“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice” Brian Herbert Blue Knot is excited to launch in…


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